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Tax Holiday For IFSC Units – What's In Store For Investment Funds?

The scope of the income tax exemption for fund management entities established in IFSC is quite straightforward in as much as the management fee earned by such entities would be entitled to income-tax exemption, subject to the prescribed conditions

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Directors’ Liability Under Foreign Exchange Management Act - An Analysis

FEMA provides for sufficient safeguards to a director to establish that he is not liable for the contraventions committed by the company. Further, as a measure of pre-caution, the company may establish a standard operating procedure for undertaking foreign exchange transactions to limit the liability of directors. say S. Vasudevan, Executive Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan Attorneys; Mahendra Singh, Principal Associate & Kanupriya Sharma; Associate Lakshmikumran & Sridharan Attorneys

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