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Defending Data Sovereignty: The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

Despite these challenges, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023, represents asignificant milestone in India's journey towards modern data protection

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Legal Position Of Hate Speech In India

It is difficult to define hate speech as any ambiguity in a definition may allow intrusion into freedom of speech and expression says Prateek Som, Advocate, Supreme Court of India.

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Is Manish Maheshwari Liable For Criminal Liability Of Twitter, India?

In the present case, Twitter MD Mr. Manish Maheshwari is, as per reports directly responsible for the sales of Twitter India and is not directly involved in policy decision making and key managerial decisions which may have imputed the criminal acts for which the FIR’s in India are registered.

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Bails in Socio-Economic Offences - Position of Supreme Court

As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the historical backdrop of socio-economic offences can be followed back from mid-2000 to date that is rising consistently say authors Prateek Som Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Aparna Bhosale.

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