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As a seasoned professional with comprehensive experience covering more than 20 years, Mr Krrishan Singhania has provided legal expertise in the areas of commerce, arbitration, shipping, oil and gas, power and aviation laws to national and international clients around the globe. As an expert in this field, he regularly presents lectures on Indian law and regulations in international conferences and fora.

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Protecting Brands In India And Europe: Comparison Of Trademarks Laws

Trademark law plays a pivotal role to protect the brand name or the brand logo. In layman words a trademark can be the brand name, a logo or a sign that helps the customers, or the world at large recognise the brand and their products in the foreign market and ensures that there is no unauthorised use of their brand name and goodwill

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Navigating The Turbulence: Rethinking Aircraft Lease Laws In India On Termination Of Aircraft Lease

The judiciary often treats aircraft leases as conventional property leases, failing to recognize the unique nature of an aircraft as an asset. This oversight can lead to significant legal and financial complications

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Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023: Comprehensive Guide, Compliance And Penalties

Before dwelling into the much-asked question “What Compliances do businesses now have to comply with after the bill has been passed?” let us try understanding some basic terminologies for a better understanding of compliances

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Empowering Creativity: A Case For Artist Royalty Rights In India, With EU As Reference

This article addresses the need to legislate an Act pertaining to royalties to be paid to Musicians by citing European legislations and judgments which have not only helped local European Artists but also American Artists

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The Dichotomy Between Insolvency Laws And Capetown Convention Amidst GoFirst Insolvency

This article stresses the need for reforming the aircraft laws of India to make it a more amenable jurisdiction for aircraft lessors

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Apex Court Holds Unstamped Arbitration Agreements To Be Invalid - A Critique!

The majority opinion in the case of NN Global Mercantile raises critical questions for the reasons discussed in the article

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Understanding Due Diligence In Real Estate In India

Due diligence is critical before entering into a leave and license agreement as it helps you confirm the identity of the licensor, determine the property's legal status, assess the condition of the property, and review the terms of the agreement say Krrishan Singhania, Managing Partner and Founder of K. Singhania & Co. and Preksha Shah, Associate K. Singhania & Co.

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Sister Ships, Associate Ships and their Arrest For Maritime Claims

The concept of sister ships and associate ships is now well incorporated in Indian law. Therefore, it is important for a claimant to know that in case it has any claim against a foreign ship, which is not within the territorial jurisdiction of India say authors Krrishan Singhania, Founder and Managing Partner and Omair Khan, Associate, K Singhania & Co., Advocates & Legal Advisors

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Decision of Supreme Court of India on Privatization Of Delhi & Mumbai Airports

This decision of Supreme Court of India deals with an important aspect of privatization of airports and revenue sharing formula as prescribed by the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority of India (AERA). This judgment will go a long way in clarifying on such aspects of revenue sharing and also will enhance the capacity of private airports in India.

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Growing Business In India: Taking Things Beyond Liaison Office

Time is ripe for them to enter one of the largest economies in the world where making it first makes all the difference. write authors Mr. Krrishan Singhania, Managing Partner and Founder of K. Singhania & Co and Mr. Rohan Tyagi, Associate K. Singhania & Co. Advocates & Legal Advisors

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