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Partner (Regulatory and Economic Law Practice), Eiliant Advisors and Co-Founding Partner, LawKNIT

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Fintech & Credit Scores Business - The Curious Case of 2021 And Continuing

Notably, the CIC is allowed to share such data only with the Specified Users and for the Permitted Purposes. The Fintech companies engaged in the credit score business would require modifying the business model given the market trend whereunder so far, the focus was also on individuals writes Adv Arunabh Choudhary.

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SEBI Blockchain Circular: A Watershed Moment For Legal Technology In India

After the DLT Circular, it can be safely said that SEBI is the first Indian regulator to explore and utilise legal technology.

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Deciphering The New TDS Norms : Impact On M&A Transactions

One of the factors to be considered in case of any transaction involving the purchase and sale of shares and securities is the impact of tax laws on such transactions. This article provides insights on the impact of the new tax regime on M&A transactions from a buyer’s and seller’s lens.

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India to Regulate Social Media Platforms & Others

India joins nations across the world looking to regulate social media platforms and others. The Guidelines are going to bring change to the mushrooming social media platforms in India. These Guidelines may be seen as an offshoot of the recent internal issues faced by India, however, they have been made to regulate wider concerns

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