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Navigating Alcobev State-Specific Regulations Comparable to Operating in 25-30 Countries: Shelly Kohli

In a comprehensive interview with BW Legal World, Shelly Kohli, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, United Breweries Ltd. delves into the multifaceted challenges posed by the state-specific regulatory landscape of the alcohol industry, her journey in an industry that is often seen as an unconventional path for women and UB's commitment to DEI with the launch of Queenfisher, a pioneering product designed and developed entirely by a team of women

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Master New Criminal Laws For Compliance Readiness: Damini Marwah, Group Chief Legal Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer, Axis Bank

In this interview with Ashima Ohri of BW Legal World, Axis Bank's Group Chief Legal Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer, Damini Marwah, discusses the need to be ready for newly enacted Digital Personal Data Protection Act and the new criminal laws. She emphasizes the importance for legal departments to stay updated with legislative changes, ensuring compliance and maintaining core values of integrity, empathy, and respect.

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Pragmatic Interpretation By External Counsel And Law Firms Most Important To GCs: Santosh B. Parab

In this interview, L&T Finance Holdings General Counsel, Santosh B. Parab, talks about complex finance regulations and shares intriguing insights from his professional journey. From matters that need attention to personal anecdotes that have defined his career, Santosh Parab's story is not just about the challenges, but also about the triumphs and the wisdom gained along the way.

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Burning Questions About Deepfakes Answered by Tech Law Expert, Akash Karmakar

In this interview with Akash Karmakar, we dig into how regulation and emerging tech-solutions can curb deepfakes. We also debate about who should be held responsible for the spread of synthetic content and challenges with source tracing.

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In Conversation with Amit Bhasin, CLO and Group General Counsel, Marico Limited

Bhasin highlights how governance forms the backbone of a company's ethos, in this interview with BW Legal World's Managing Editor Ashima Ohri. He adds that although laws can set the stage, integrating privacy into an organization's DNA takes more than just compliance—it requires building of a culture that values privacy.

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Fun Jottings | Love in the Fast Lane: Navigating Relationships with Wisdom from Legal Luminaries

There's more to the legal profession than statutes and case law—there's laughter, love, and life lessons too

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In Conversation With Chetan Chopra, Group General Counsel, TruKKer Group

Till you don't know your business cold, you will not be an effective business lawyer, says Chetan Chopra in this interview with BW Legal World's Managing Editor Ashima Ohri.

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The 2023 Scorecard And 2024's Forecast: Lawyers' Take

A diverse panel of four legal luminaries convened to assess the year's triumphs and tribulations, offering insights into both the boom and the bust

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A Lawyer Can Succeed with a Good Grasp On Regional Languages and Laws: Vaibhav Kakkar, Partner, Saraf & Partners

Vaibhav Kakkar, Partner, Saraf & Partners reflects on his journey at NLU Jodhpur as an alumnus of the founding batch of the institution.

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Enviable Law Firm Culture to Set Your Sights On For Some Bright Spark This Diwali

The buzz around town is that some young law firms out there have cracked the code to perfect work culture. A bit of a stretch? Let's find out!

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