Trust Legal Founder Sudhir Mishra releases his podcast The Sudhir Mishra Show

Founder and Managing Partner of Trust Legal begins his podcast during this pandemic to support the youth to build their formative years

The idea of this podcast is to galvanise the youth which is demoralised, dejected and directionless. Whether they are finishing their graduate programs or paving their paths in their formative years, the youth is facing uncertain times because of the impact of the pandemic. The global recession and economic downfall of countries have created a difficult journey. 

Sudhir Mishra is one of fewer sojourners who are holding their optimism in such times. In a recent interview with BW Legal, Mr. Mishra mentioned the strategic approach with which Trust Legal undertook to a network of Trust Legal Alliance. 

With an innate urge to build stories to build the next generation of leaders, he ideated his podcast "The Sudhir Mishra Show". He wants to let the youth know, that they can not just survive through this pandemic, "but they can thrive". The first season of the Sudhir Mishra Show will be having 9 episodes on his initial journey in college, studying law, difficulties faced while preparing for civil services, and finally carving this roadmap to become one of the top practicing lawyers of the nation.

In his first episode, he speaks about being born in Benaras to his family, living during the period of emergency, memories of traveling by trains and trucks, standing by his parents in times of need. His art of storytelling transcends us to time when India had barely undergone the transition of the Modern Era.

The podcast is currently available on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, HubHopper, Acast, Bullhorn Fm, Listen Notes, Castbox, Stitcher, Radio Public, Anchor, Pocket Casts, and Breaker.

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