LexFlex Offers Unique Opportunities For Legal Professionals: Aakash Choubey, Partner, Khaitan & Co

The objective behind LexFlex is to create an opportunity for highly qualified professionals to engage with Khaitan & Co on a consultancy basis and work on a wide range of exciting projects.

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What's the LexFlex Initiative?

Khaitan & Co’s Lexflex is a platform that provides top-tier talent that gives legal professionals more control and more flexibility. We created this platform for experienced and motivated professionals who want the flexibility to pursue law and still have the flexibility to determine their schedule. LexFlex offers a unique range of opportunities, including working for certain hours in a day, working on specific days, period-based engagements and project-based engagements. This platform is open for professionals who are practicing law or working in the areas of Legaltech, digital tech or knowledge management. 

The objective is to create an opportunity for highly qualified professionals to engage with Khaitan & Co on a consultancy basis and work on a wide range of exciting projects.

 What brings this move?

To keep up with the evolving demands of the legal profession, Khaitan & Co is pleased to launch Lexflex. Discovering a flexible lifestyle while practicing law is an ongoing journey and we, at Khaitan & Co, believe that it is a #MatterOfChoice. 

There has always been a pool of experienced professionals who prefer to freelance, and the pandemic has expanded that pool considerably. Khaitan & Co has designed Lexflex to tap into this diverse pool of talent. Professionals who may have two years PQE to retired / senior professionals who may be looking for part time arrangements can apply to Lexflex and use their expertise in a way that benefits them, Khaitan & Co and our clients.

What would such an initiative mean for your clients & their confidential matters.

Lexflex consultants will be required to strictly comply with Khaitan & Co’s policies on insider trading, conflict management, confidentiality, data privacy and data storage. Serving our client’s interest is our topmost priority and we take all measures necessary to ensure same level of compliance as our full-time professionals.

 What's the selection process to become a part of LexFlex?

One can apply to join the Lexflex panel by visiting our website. Following a review of the profile and assessing the needs of our Firm, we will reach out to consultants and schedule interviews to understand the consultant’s profile, expectations, assess their expertise and explain our requirements. We then empanel consultants and staff them on various projects basis an arrangement that is pre-agreed between the Firm and the consultant.

What are benefits accorded to these Lawyers?

Working as a full time professional at Khaitan & Co opens a world of opportunities of the professional. Comparing those benefits with those available to Lexflex consultants would not be a fair comparison. Through Lexflex, Khaitan & Co is rethinking the paradigm in which we operate in and tap into a wider pool of talent. 

As a Lexflex consultant, one will get to work on high quality projects with very sharp colleagues and will be compensated on a project basis. If a consultant would like to join Khaitan & Co as a full time professional and if their needs are aligned with the Firm’s practice needs, we will be happy to have them on board.

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