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In this fireside chat with Chandril Chattopadhyay, Junior Correspondent, BW Legal World, Neeha talks about her glorious journey in law. She talks about her practice area, her growth as a leader in the industry, her mentors and much more.

Many Congratulations on winning the BW Legal World 40 under 40. How was your experience interacting with the Jury and of the event? 

NN: It was indeed a very professional experience. The jury was interested in knowing and understand more about the nominees and to determine whether each of them was worthy of being shortlisted in the list of 40 under 40!

Please walk us through your journey in the field of law? When did you first realize that law was your life’s calling?

NN: Honestly, I think the profession chose me. Actually, more appropriately put, life chose the legal professional path for me and I just fell in love with it. For me, reading law and practicing it comes from a place of passion. 

My journey as a lawful has been fulfilling and gratifying. In the last 15 years of my career, I am blessed, to say that I have worked on some very defining cases and been exposed to the legal practice right from the initiation of a trial to its final conclusion as well as at the final stages in appeal. It has taught me to be patient and calm yet to approach every situation and Clients’ with empathy and compassion. 

What would you say has helped you emerge as a leader in your industry and what advice would you have for others who want to set off in a similar direction?  

NN:I think it is about focusing on giving the profession your best and not focusing on the result. Work with compassion and honesty. Success as a professional and success in matters just follow then.

We have seen a spate of legislative changes in recent years that have been monumental in reforming India's legal framework across all sectors. Would you please highlight a recent development concerning your practice area that has positively impacted the industry?  

NN: Recent jurisprudence in the Antil matter relating to bail as well as anticipatory bail and representing various clients in the matter has been a huge positive impact in the area of law, I largely practice in. Recent decisions by the High Court on aspects of issuance of Look-Out Circulars especially in cases where bail has been granted is also a significant development. 

What are the top three trends that are going to rule the legal sector for the next five years?

NN: Digitalizing courts both in terms of legal filings and virtual courts. 

Potential use of Artificial Intelligence in drafting procedural orders / procedural documents and hopefully, a larger number of women litigators being designated as Senior Advocates!

Who according to you has been your guide and mentor in this illustrious journey as a lawyer?

NN: The Late Mr Arun Jaitley has been a mentor and a constant source of inspiration. As well as Mr Mahesh Agarwal- with whom I worked for a decade.

As a parting note, would you please recommend a favorite book that left a lasting impression on you? What has been your most recent read?

NN: An inspiring book to read as young Lawyer was Roses in December – autobiography by MC Chagla 

Recent read: My Life in Full by Indira Nooyi

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