Hope to Leave A Legacy of Robust Legal Defence for the State—Sandeep Bajaj, AAG for State of Punjab

Sandeep Bajaj, serving as the Additional Advocate General for the State of Punjab in the Supreme Court of India, discusses the duties and vision associated with his role, in a conversation with BW Legal World's Managing Editor Ashima Ohri.

Ashima: Mr Bajaj, would you please share your thoughts on your recent appointment as Additional Advocate General and what it means to you personally and professionally?

Sandeep Bajaj: I am deeply honoured and humbled by my recent appointment as Additional Advocate General for State of Punjab in the Supreme Court of India. It is a privilege to serve the State in this capacity and to contribute my legal expertise for its well-being, which has been my home State. This opportunity to represent the State before the highest court of land carries significant personal and professional value. 

Personally, it represents reward of years of hard work and my dedication to the legal profession. Professionally, it will allows me to leverage my experience and knowledge to make a positive impact on a broader scale by upholding the law and protecting the interests of the State. 

Ashima: What vision or goals do you have for your tenure as AAG? Are there any specific initiatives or areas you plan to focus on?

Sandeep Bajaj: My primary goal is to serve as a steadfast pillar of justice for the society. This translates to ensuring fair and effective legal representation in all matters entrusted to the AAG's office.

The opportunity to represent the State before the Supreme Court of India will be a significant step forward in my professional journey. Appearing before the highest court of the land is not only a humbling honour but also an exceptional platform for my professional career. I believe that this new chapter in my career is not just a destination but rather a stepping stone to an ongoing journey of learning and growth.

I envision fostering collaborative environment among all the law officers and other departments. This collaborative spirit will be crucial in tackling complex legal challenges and ensuring efficient case management. 

While being committed to excellence across all legal domains handled by the AAG, I intend to pay particular attention to specific areas where my experience can be most valuable. I also believe in promoting transparency and accessibility within the legal system. 

Ultimately, I hope to leave a legacy of robust legal defence for the State while promoting ethical and professional conduct within the office.

AshimaWith over a decade of experience in managing a law firm, how do you anticipate leveraging your expertise in your new role?

Sandeep BajajBefore my foray into the Counsel Practice, I was fortunate to successfully spearhead PSL Advocates and Solicitors, as its Managing Partner. My experience as a Managing Partner and thereafter as Arguing Counsel has equipped me with a multifaceted skillset that I am confident will serve me well in my new role.

As a Managing Partner and thereafter as Arguing Counsel, I have always prioritized client satisfaction and building strong relationships. This has translated to a deep understanding of client needs and the ability to effectively advocate on their behalf. I believe that this client-centric approach will be valuable in representing the interests of the society to the best of my abilities.

AshimaWhat are the typical characteristics of the legal matters handled by an AAG in ensuring a robust defence for the State Government? Additionally, could you provide insight into the operations within the office of an AAG? Can students/lawyers apply to work with you?

Sandeep BajajThe AAG office handles a diverse range of legal matters, including but not limited to constitutional issues, public interest litigation, and criminal matter. The work requires meticulous research, strategic analysis, and persuasive advocacy. Above all, I am incredibly happy and enthusiastic to work alongside and under the guidance of distinguished Advocate General.

Beyond litigation, AAG provides legal advice to various government departments, ensuring their actions align with the law and established policies. This requires staying abreast of legal developments and offering clear, concise guidance.

The office of an AAG operates with a dynamic blend of teamwork and individual responsibility. We function as a close-knit unit, drawing on each other's strengths and expertise to tackle complex legal issues.

While opportunities for law student’s direct involvement may be limited due to specific legal requirements, I would certainly encourage law students to reach out [to me/my office] and pursue internships to gain relevant experience.

AshimaAny advice or messages for lawyers aspiring to pursue a similar career path?

Sandeep BajajMy journey wasn't linear. Building a successful Law Firm was valuable, but the switch to a Counsel Practice allowed me to focus on areas I truly wanted to delve into. Different experiences hone different skills, and each has its own rewards.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to success. Ultimately, your success will depend on your own unique journey, driven by your passion, dedication, and willingness to learn and grow. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, learn from mistakes and never lose sight of your own aspirations. It all forms part of a beautiful journey.

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