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The author is Founder and Managing Partner, Trust Legal.

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Book Review Of Sridhar Potaraju's ‘Maxims From Mahabharata’

The fight of good and evil, distress and triumph, of values and anarchy, is suitably depicted in Sridhar’s gripping take in ‘Maxims from Mahabharata, writes eminent Advocate Sudhir Mishra, Managing Partner, Trust Legal. ’

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Surrogacy In India: New Norms For New Borns

While it is argued that still many of the recommendations of the select committee are yet to be advanced and incorporated to produce meaningful beneficial legislation bereft of practical shortcomings, it is hoped that with the advent of these novel legislations, availing surrogacy in India would be recognized as a reproductive right. Soon there will be an increased need for the statutory interpretation of new laws by the IVF clinics providing ART services in the coming times.

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Violence Against Doctors: A PANDEMIC

A survey conducted by Indian Medical Association suggests that a disturbing figure of about 80% of doctors in India are stressed in their profession, while 75% of doctors have dealt with some form of violence during their practice.

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The Flourishing Gaming Industry And Its Regulations

The various economic benefits arising from this industry including employment, investment as well as taxation cannot be ignored as it can be a major contributor to the GDP of the country if utilised properly similar to structures in USA and UK write Sudhir Mishra, Founder & Managing Partner, Trust Legal ; and Simran Gupta, Associate, Trust Legal.

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One Law, One Nation: We Need It Now

As one of the young nations of the world which is creating unprecedented economic opportunities for its youth and women, the time has come that uniform civil code should come through a parliamentary enactment and further enhance India’s image of an equitable society wherein women and those deprived of any sect or religion are not discriminated on account of any dated civil laws write Sudhir Mishra, Founder & Managing Partner, Trust Legal ; and Simran Gupta, Associate, Trust Legal.

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In COVID Times, The Lawyer’s Client Is Really A Customer

While independent advocates face economic hardships and trouble in paying salaries of staff and in meeting expenses as litigation is on a standstill, the bigger firms take huge pay cuts at the top level to strive. In such circumstances, where both the extremes face big problems, those sailing in the mid-sea are in a better position to meet their expenses, shield their staff and employees and deliver to their clients.

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