Kunal Gupta

Kunal is a partner in the White Collar Crimes (Investigation) practice. Kunal has significant global experience in handling complex investigations involving corporate fraud and regulatory issues pertaining to US FCPA, UK Bribery Act and Indian Prevention of Corruption Act, among other legislations.

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Reporting of Unethical Misconducts: Compliance Requirements for Doing Business in India

In the post-pandemic era where businesses are expected to move into an expansionary phase, it becomes extremely important for companies to keep their compliance check-box ticked. In a country like India where bribery, corruption, and fraud risks are rampant, obligations to report such misconduct on companies are rather confusing and spread across multiple statutes. However, if not reported appropriately, it may cause serious repercussions for companies. Thus, we have discussed the major reporting obligations on companies in case they come across certain misconduct by their employees, agents, officers, or third parties.

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