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As a seasoned professional with comprehensive experience covering more than 20 years, Mr Krrishan Singhania has provided legal expertise in the areas of commerce, arbitration, shipping, oil and gas, power and aviation laws to national and international clients around the globe. As an expert in this field, he regularly presents lectures on Indian law and regulations in international conferences and fora.

Latest Articles By Krrishan Singhania

Important Clauses In A Trademark Licensing Agreement 

More and more brands are choosing to license their trademarks for business expansion as well as, to generate revenue from their brand name. The most important element in such a business arrangement is the license agreement itself.

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Sound And Smell Trademarks Whether Registrable Or Not Under Present Trademark Laws

This article aims to examine Indian trademark law regime and the possibility for trade marking of sound and smell.

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The Model Tenancy Act, 2020: A Blessing for Homeowners and Developers

The model act seems to be in the interest of the owners of the property as they will have the security of the property and the law will now help them to get the property back once the agreement ends Krrishan Singhania, Managing Partner & Founder of K. Singhania & Co.

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Does ODR Herald a New Age of Dispute Resolution in India?

Contracts should now have provisions for ODR in the event of a conflict. Furthermore, there must be established ODR platforms and institutions to ensure enforceability say Krrishan Singhania, Managing Partner and Founder, and Mr Donovan Nazareth, Associate at K Singhania & Co., Advocates & Legal Advisors.

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‘Keeping Up With The (Trade) Secrets’

India needs to pass a law relating to Trade Secrets to give certainty to businesses so that in case there is any breach of Trade Secret then the party committing breach can be punished as in case of any other IP rights say authors Krrishan Singhania, Vanshaj Mehta & Afreen Fazal from K Singhania & Co.

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Information Technology (The Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021: Is it the way Forward?

Authors Krrishan Singhania, Srishti Singhania, and Afreen Fazal from K Singhania & Co discuss the highlights and impact of the new IT Rules 2021. Online news portals and OTT platforms have been a great source of independent journalism and independent creativity. In order to preserve this objective, the way forward is to create a regulatory framework that allows both the Government and the stakeholders to have fruitful dialogues on a continuous basis to protect their interests and improve the regulatory regime.

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Anti-Counterfeiting for Pharmaceuticals in the Pandemic Times

Authors Krrishan Singhania and Vanshaj Mehta from K Singhania & Co throw light on the growing menace of counterfeit vaccines and suggest ways to combat the pressing problem.

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Trademark Squatting Derails PS5 Console Launch in India

Sony’s much-awaited next-generation console – the PlayStation 5 (“PS5”) is set to release in mid-November 2020 in numerous countries.

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