Krishnendra Joshi

Krishnendra has 2 years of experience in Content and Copywriting. He realised the value of persuasive writing while working with LawSikho. Writing a few marketing emails taught him that right wordings create the right impact. Reading The Boron Letters by advertising legend Gary Halbert inspired him to keep learning about the craft of writing. He does not restrict himself to legal content writing alone. He has written content for clients in the SaaS Industry and Personal development Industry. He believes in writing for multi niches to enhance his creativity and train his writing muscle.

Latest Articles By Krishnendra Joshi

[Breaking] Pradeep Poonia Restrained from Using the Name WhiteHat Sr in 20 Crore Defamation Case

The controversy began in early September this year when Mr Poonia launched a tirade of tweets and posts on various social media platforms against White Hat Jr.

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In Conversation with Dr Akhil Prasad, Director, Country Counsel India and Company Secretary, Boeing

Dr Prasad, speaks with Krishnendra Joshi on his exceptional journey in law. He also shares his views on how Artificial Intelligence can potentially change Governance and Compliance frameworks in near future.

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"It is the duty of the court to exercise its jurisdiction to protect personal liberty": Karnataka HC

Karnataka HC relies on Supreme Court's order in Arnab Goswami's interim bail case while allowing anticipatory bail to Mr Rakesh Shetty, MD. Power TV

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In Conversation with Ganesh Prasad, Partner Khaitan & Co

Mr Prasad speaks with Krishenendra Joshi on his exceptional professional journey in law He also discusses the evolving e-commerce ecosystem and much more in this exclusive interview with BW Legal World.

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In Conversation with Abhijit Joshi, Founding and Managing Partner, Veritas Legal

Mr Joshi in this exclusive interview with Krishnendra Joshi takes us down memory lane and talks about his amazing journey as a lawyer, challenges law firms are currently grappling with, his vision for Veritas Legal and much more

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In Conversation with Shivli Katyayan, Associate Director- Legal-Policybazaar & Group Companies

Ms Katyayan speaks to Krishnendra Joshi on her rewarding journey in law. She also shares about her mentors, her transition from being an IP lawyer to creating her own niche and much more.

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In Conversation with Senior Advocate Sidharth Luthra, Supreme Court of India

Mr Luthra speaks to Krishnendra Joshi on his illustrious career in law, his mentors, litigation post the pandemic and much more in this exclusive interview with BW Legal World

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PIL Filed in SC Seeking Directions Against Black Money and Benami Transactions

India’s dismal ranking on the international watch dog’s corruption index formed the basis of filling the public interest litigation.

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In Conversation with Abhijeet Tople - Head (Legal), Jio Financial Services

Mr Tople shares about his amazing journey which began soon after class 7. He dawned multiple hats and took on varied roles from sales, news anchoring before transitioning into a full-time legal role. He also gives us his rules for success which everyone can benefit from

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