Dr Y.S.R. Murthy

Founding Vice Chancellor of RV University, a Passionate institution builder, Educator and Human Rights Expert

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Tribute to Disability Rights Crusader, Javed Abidi

How I wish Javed Abidi were alive today to inspire persons with disability to fight for their rights and bring into reality the slogan that `Nothing about us without us’. He left away too soon at the age of 53. He was a true human rights crusader writes Prof. Y.S.R Murthy, Vice-Chancellor of RV University, Bengaluru.

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Justice J.S. Verma's Advice On Issue Of Marital Rape Relevant More Than Ever: Dr Y.S.R Murthy

Work of extraordinary men and women lasts much beyond their lifetime. Penning a tribute for the former Chief Justice of India on his 89th birth anniversary, Dr Murthy believes that Justice J.S. Verma’s sane voice is being missed in today's challenging times.

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