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Ashima has a decade long experience in content writing, copywriting, and editing. Inspired by Harvard professor James Engell's course on Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking, Ashima's structure of writing is founded on three essential pillars of persuasive writing: Ethos, Logos and Pathos. A business economist, lawyer, and writer, Ashima is the founder of LEXical Content Writers—a freelance initiative that assists law firms and businesses in developing and managing their content marketing strategies, including social media management, research papers, white papers, articles, knowledge reports, and more. Over the years, Ashima has developed content for international platforms like Asian Legal Business, Thomson Reuters and Wolters Kluwer Australia. Ashima began her legal journey in 2014 as an arbitration lawyer, under the wing of Senior Advocate Mr. A.K. Singh and AKS Partners, a Delhi-based litigation and arbitration law firm.

Latest Articles By Ashima Ohri

Data Privacy and Big Tech: Is lack of concrete data policies potentially harming the consumers and competition in India?

Tech giants are enjoying their dominance in targeted advertising largely due to their stores of high-value data amplifying predatory behaviour disfavouring the consumers.

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In conversation with Dr Subir Bikas Mitra, Executive Director Law & HR at GAIL (India) Limited and Director (Non-Executive) GAIL Gas Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GAIL

"A New Round Has Been Opened By Gail For Solicitation of Investment Proposals From Start-Ups Operating Specifically in the Area of CBG.” Dr S. B. Mitra

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In Conversation with Ravi Singhania, Managing Partner of Singhania & Partners

Mr Ravi Singhania is the managing partner of S&P. He talks about Tech-Revolution in the Indian Legal System, the Improvements Required, and the Road Ahead for Young Lawyers Post COVID-19

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In conversation with Sameer Jain, Managing Partner of PSL Advocates & Solicitors

Mr Sameer Jain is the Managing Partner at PSL Advocates & Solicitors. He talks about his journey, use of AI in legal practice and the road ahead for young lawyers.

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EU Bolsters Data Privacy—Strikes Down Privacy Shield Agreement between the European Union and the United States

For other countries, the standard clauses would only be valid if the country receiving the data has protections in force that are on par with those under EU law

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In Conversation With Debolina Partap, General Counsel Wockhardt About Pharma Industry And Her Magnificent Journey In The Industry

Corporate Legal Departments are slowly getting aligned to technology usage in many systematized core areas of work and practice.

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THE “ENRICA LEXIE” INCIDENT—The Italian Republic v. The Republic of India—Is the Award Based on Sound Legal Footing?

Permanent Court of Arbitration located in The Hague, Netherlands while ruling on the Enrica Lexie incident last week found that India has no jurisdiction over the Italian marines Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre who had shot two fishermen aboard St. Antony off the coast of India in 2012.

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