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Book Review Of Sridhar Potaraju's ‘Maxims From Mahabharata’

The fight of good and evil, distress and triumph, of values and anarchy, is suitably depicted in Sridhar’s gripping take in ‘Maxims from Mahabharata, writes eminent Advocate Sudhir Mishra, Managing Partner, Trust Legal. ’

My classmate during law school, Sridhar Potaraju has something very unique about him. He always practised Dharma, believed in Vedas and scriptures, remained ethical and transferred his principles into his legal practice with utmost sincerity. 

I saw this book coming much before Sridhar even thought of writing it. When he actually told me, that he is writing a book, I was already expecting that he will transfer with ease all the important lessons and learnings of Mahabharata for common understanding and daily motivation of people who struggle with motivation, fear, jealousy, ambition, dharma, and other intricate issues.

While we are inching toward building a magnificent Lord Ram temple at Ayodhya, Sridhar delightfully brings Mahabharata in the picture too. 

In fact, our elders used to read a few chapters of Ramayana on a daily basis and more particularly the Sundar Kand path. However, it is the Mahabharata which most likely never found itself on the shelf of our homes for some odd reasons. 

Till today, I don’t understand why Mahabharata was not gifted, was not circulated and never kept in our homes as only Bhagwat Geeta which is a part of it, had the privilege and distinction of adorning our homes so far. So Sridhar through his book actually brings the richness of Mahabharata for our daily consumption.

Sridhar who relishes challenges decided to write on Mahabharata which is also known as the Fifth Veda and he introduced us to all aspects of Mahabharata in less than 100 pages with a breeze and without having any expectation of expertise from his reader.

Each and every chapter of this book touches upon the daily aspects of our life. For example, Dharma, Truth, Karma, Hygiene, Faith, Anger, Values and mental health. 

You would have read many motivational books by foreign authors and Indian celebrities on anger, values, mental health and ethics. However, you will find it interesting and compelling to appreciate that such an old scripture like Mahabharata could foresee such aspects thousands of years back. 

The fight of good and evil, distress and triumph, of values and anarchy, is suitably depicted in Sridhar’s gripping take in ‘Maxims from Mahabharata.’

Above all, I feel immensely proud that a busy practising lawyer who must be dealing with crime and punishment, Dharma and Adharma on a daily basis could find time and dive deep into Mahabharata and bring out such a compelling compilation for readers of all age groups at such an appropriate time. 

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