"There’s Joy in Spending Time and Sharing Knowledge With Juniors", V. Lakshmikumaran

In a Dialogue with BW Legal World V. Lakshmikumaran, Founder and Managing Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan highlights the importance of imparting pearls of knowledge with the juniors in order to make them effective and prosper in the field.

Juniors come with a lot of hope

There are very few people who want to share what they know and want to be the source of light in other’s life. Setting the benchmark, V. Lakshmikumaran explains how it becomes crucial to deliver the best of insights and learning to your juniors as they come with a lot of hope. He asserts, “People want to learn a lot, practice a lot but when it comes to giving knowledge to the juniors or colleagues, somewhere lawyers become stingy. Probably the idea seems that if they tell everything they know to a junior then he may outperform. When we are working as lawyers, it is not that we should grow alone to the detriment of others. It is our ultimate duty to the profession to hone our juniors.

You should applaud and be happy if juniors become better than you

Further by pointing the joy in sharing and giving, Lakshmikumaran mentions, “If you start the law firm which I did then it is necessary to fill the office with intelligent people, committed people and give them all the necessary facilities to learn from you. If by your mentoring, your juniors become better than you then you should applaud and be happy. There is joy in giving. Not just wealth and money but also precious time, sharing of knowledge.

Mentor your juniors without expectations

He emphasises how spendinig quality time with juniors without any expectations would yield them blossoming into good professionals. He says, “My job is to teach my juniors, mentor them and make them effective without any expectations. Whether you’re in the corporate world or a lawyer or an individual practitioner or in a law firm, it is necessary to spend quality time with your juniors and make them understand the intricacies of law.”

“This is a noble profession. People should know how to do things rightfully. There are several shortcuts available. Don’t take them. It’s not going to lead anywhere. Most important thing is to follow the rule of law,” he adds. 

Lakshmikumaran concludes his power-packed dialogue by affirming, “The only contribution one should make to the profession apart from whatever you are gaining for yourself is to mentor the juniors and hold them, give them responsibilities and make them good lawyers, best in class.”

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