"Ram, a Great Public Persona." Ravi Shankar Prasad

Union Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad goes down the memory lane in remembrance of the astute veteran lawyer.

To commemorate the first death anniversary of one of the finest lawyers India has ever seen, Parliamentarian, Academician, a legend in his own right -Mr. Ram Jethmalani, News X channel came up with the first of edition of its series of lectures by India’s finest legal luminaries under one platform. While some called him an “incurable maverick”, a man with a high-quality brain, others refused to box him as just a “brilliant criminal lawyer” rather they termed the legal legend as a great constitutional lawyer who had tremendous knowledge on every facet of law. The eminent lawyers not only spoke at length talking greatness of Mr Jethmalani but also deliberated on the “Pros and Cons of Media trial.”

The first one to speak was Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of Law, Justice and IT. He recalled his sterling nostalgic memories of Ram Jethmalani, as a law student in Patna. He said it was an honour and privilege to have assisted him on several cases in Delhi and Patna as a lawyer himself. He reminisced asking him on how Jethmalani coped with the struggle of partition migrating from Sindh to Mumbai, to which he replied, “I came with Rs 10 in my pocket with vision and ambition in my eyes.” Prasad said, “he had extraordinary conviction, outstanding criminal lawyer, parliamentarian and a fierce friend. “Ram apne usoolan pe zindagi jiye.” He further added that his ten questions on Bofors scandal astounded the nation. He was great orator both in English and Hindi, a great public persona.  

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